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GMS COVID-19 Guidelines

As of June 22, 2020 Waterton is partially open and the west side of Glacier is open to visitors. The Blackfeet Tribe is continuing the closure of access to Glacier from their land until at least June 30 and has a curfew. Throughout this summer GMS events may need to be cancelled or changed depending on the current conditions. Check the calendar for details.

With the continued re-opening of Montana and the parks, the state mandated 14 day quarantine for out of state visitors has expired, but is still in effect through June (at least) on Blackfeet tribal land. Group size has increased, so GMS is amending our guidance for events to the following.

  1. If you are sick, do NOT participate in events until you are well
  2. If you have been exposed to Covid 19 or in proximity to others who have been exposed, do NOT participate in any events until you have fully recovered
  3. Outdoor events can have the coordinator-determined number of participants.
  4. Please do your best to maintain social distancing of six or more feet away from others during events and in the parking areas
  5. Carpools: We recommend minimizing carpools and sanitizing shared vehicles if a carpool is used.
  6. Tailgates: We recommend bringing your own food and drinks and maintaining six feet distancing

Also, to help our healthcare system and workers, take more caution than usual to avoid any accidents and injury, including while driving.

As Montana and Glacier move to new phases or the situation changes, GMS will adapt to as best we can. Stay well!

Approved by the GMS Board of Directors on June 6, 2020.