Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park Summit Lists

Clicking on the links below will download portable document format versions of the summit list that appeared in the 2003 Going-to-the-Sun, Journal of the Glacier Mountaineering Society. Each list contains similar information except they are sorted differently for your convenience. Download one or all five.

Copyright Notice: These summit lists and the article, "Counting the Summits," are published by and copyright (© 2004, 2006, 2007) by the Glacier Mountaineering Society. Individuals are authorized to download and print these files for personal use. Distribution or sale, copying in quantity for distribution or sale and recompilation of the data, either electronically or manually is prohibited.

Note: Three changes were made to the various summit lists since they were first published in 2003. The files linked below have been corrected to reflect these changes.

  • The peak listed as Hawksbill was removed from the list in 2005 since it was not actually a summit but a named geographical feature.
  • The elevation for Snyder Ridge was corrected to 4,820 feet in November of 2006.
  • The elevation of Blackfoot Mountain was corrected to 9,574 on January 9, 2007.

The last link in the list will download a reprint of the article that appeared in the 2003 journal, "Counting the Summits" by Stephen Smith.

peaks-alpha Contains the complete list of peaks sorted alphabetically.
peaks-elevation Contains the complete list of peaks sorted by summit elevation.
peaks-map Contains the complete list of peaks sorted alphabetically but grouped by the map they are on.
peaks-glacier Contains only the peaks of Glacier National Park sorted alphabetically.
peaks-waterton Contains only the peaks of Waterton Lakes National Park sorted alphabetically.
counting the summits A reprint in PDF format of the entire article (but without the lists of summits) that appeared in the 2003 journal.
Google Maps with summits KML file containing peaks in Glacier National Park.

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